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Jun 24, 10 6:34pm

My reel (2009)

Will be updated in the next month!

Jun 24, 10 5:41am

FashionWeek Dub: RuPaul’s “Supermodel”

(Filmed inside the Tents at Fashion Week!)

Jun 24, 10 5:34am

LipDub: The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”

Jun 24, 10 5:27am

WeddingDub: I Say A Little Prayer for You!

Jun 24, 10 5:27am

SkiDub: 4 Non Blonde’s “What’s Going On?”

Jun 24, 10 5:19am

LipDub - India Aire’s “Video”

Jun 24, 10 5:16am

Lip Dub: Oooh, ooh Child

Jun 24, 10 5:05am

Lip Dub: Don’t Stop Believing 

Jun 24, 10 5:01am

Lip Dub: Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Jun 24, 10 5:01am

Lip Dub: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow